Sydney Water launches the Small Change Shop as part of integrated campaign by Havas Village

Sydney Water has launched Small Change Shop, an activation that will travel around Greater Sydney encouraging Sydneysiders to make small water saving changes for the drought.

Visiting over 25 shopping centres and community events across Greater Sydney from October 2019 to February 2020, Small Change Shop is trading popcorn for water-saving pledges. From committing to 4-minute showers and using the half flush on the toilet, to turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, or doing full loads of washing, the activity focuses on showing how Sydneysiders can take simple actions to save water.

The activation forms part of the wider, recently launched integrated marketing campaign from Sydney Water and the Havas Village, with Host/Havas, One Green Bean, Havas Blvd, Havas Media and Havas Co-maker joining forces to inspire people to get creative about saving water in the drought.

Host/Havas partnered with Havas Blvd on the Small Change Shop across strategy, creative and production with One Green Bean leading on social and PR.

Anthony Freedman, Chairman of Havas Group said: “As part of Havas Village’s ongoing work with Sydney Water, it’s incredibly important that we find ways to directly engage Sydneysiders in the role they can play in making a meaningful difference to our overall water consumption. The Small Change Shop in concept and execution shows the broad capabilities of the Village in delivering end-to-end creative solutions for clients like Sydney Water”.

Katya Koch née Farrin Brocks, Brand, External Communications & Engagement Manager at Sydney Water said: “We’ve launched the activation as part of our Many Ways to Save integrated campaign. By trading off something we all love, free food and in this case popcorn, we can have those emotional discussions with our customers and have them pledge towards something that will make a positive impact on their lives.”

Despite Sydney continuing to face one of the worst droughts on record, our research has shown that 20% of Sydneysiders doubt their individual efforts can make an impact, however small changes can have a big impact on the drought. For example, if everyone in Greater Sydney used the half flush on the toilet instead of the full flush once a day, collectively we could save enough water to fill around 28 Olympic sized swimming pools a week!”

To learn more about the many ways to save water and for tips and advice visit Lovewater.Sydney.